Florida data analyst turns herself in after accusing Florida of falsifying coronavirus data

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) said in a recent statement that a former Florida data analyst, famous for revealing that Florida hid the full impact of the coronavirus from the public, has agreed to present herself to the authorities. 

The FDLE added that the data analyst, Rebekah Jones, has been charged by the state with one count of violations. Her charges are reportedly very serious and could lead to serious jail time if she gets convicted.  

The Florida data analyst currently has the coronavirus 

After giving herself up to the Leon County Detention Facility, Rebekah Jones strode out of the jail after posting bail, an option that was available to her due to her positive coronavirus result. 

In a series of tweets, Jones clarified her conclusion to turn herself in to the authorities, after her arrest warrant was broadcasted by state officials.

In the tweets, she said the reason she was turning herself in was to protect her family and friends from the violence directed towards her from the state and to also show that she is ready to prove her innocence in court. 

She also tweeted that the governor of Florida will not win in his war against fairness, neither will he continue to threaten her.

Jones was fired after claiming Florida was falsifying coronavirus data 

According to Jones, she was fired from her job after she refused to fabricate COVID-19 data. The data analyst is part of the team that built the state's coronavirus dashboard, after which she became one of Florida's governor's harshest critics. She claimed that Desantis is at fault for the increasing death toll.

Florida state officials refuted her announcement, saying that Jones was dismissed because was rude to her bosses and changed the state's data portal without authorization or information from epidemiologists. 

After she was fired, Jones published her dashboard of Covid-19 stats in public. She said she had classified records from individuals who worked in the state's coronavirus screening labs. The records reportedly include proof that state officials lied in January (2020) about internal reports and notices from the CDC.