32 people killed by suicide bombers in Baghdad

A total of 32 and 110 people were killed and injured respectively after two suicide bombers triggered a bomb in a busy central located in central Baghdad.  

The attack is the first suicide attack by extremists in Baghdad in over two years.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks 

ISIS, the jihadist terrorist group, claimed responsibility for the attack on its official media channels. Iraqi President Barham Salih spoke against the attack in a tweet. 

He tweeted that the bomb attack by the extremists against the citizens of Baghdad shows that terrorist groups are against the national growth of Baghdad and the citizens of Baghdad. He also reiterated the country's stance against the actions of the extremists. 

The US embassy in Baghdad also released a statement on social media against the attack, describing the attack through its Facebook page as a disgusting and cowardly act that highlights the problems millions of citizens in Iraq face as a result of terrorism.

The statement closed with the embassy extending their good wishes to the families of the dead victims, and the families of the people currently hospitalized as a result of the attack. 

The suicide bombers attack was coordinated 

Security agents investigating the bombing said the attacks were coordinated and well planned. 

From their reports, the first bomber entered the marketplace and pretended to be sick to draw people around him. After people gathered, he blew himself up. During the confusion caused by the first bomber, the second terrorist then arrived at the scene on a motorbike before blowing up.

As a result of the terrorist attack, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi instantly ordered an important security meeting. The meeting was held at the Baghdad Operations Command Headquarters in Kadhimi and was attended by his top security officials. Kadhimi, the commander in chief of the Iraqi armed forces, has the support of the US.

Despite a substantial decrease in violence in Iraq recently, Iraq continues to have numerous armed groups and organizations.

Some of Iraq's armed groups have recently been accused of increasing attacks against US-occupied Baghdad the past year. The attacks, which are occurring as the country handles a coronavirus outbreak and economic turmoil, have increased the tension in the state.